Update from ANSA Homes regarding COVID-19

Case study: First home buyer building dream home with ANSA Homes

Rachel Auld decided she wanted to build her first home with ANSA Home even before she and her family bought their block of land in Oran Park in Sydney’s south..

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Custom home design without the custom home design price tag

Custom home building is costly. In fact, the cost per square metre for a custom design is typically four times that of a standard home design.

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2020: The year that was

It’s been a crazy year that none of us will soon forget. But as 2020 has worn on and we all settled into the new normal, we hope that everyone has found reasons to celebrate. As we look ahead to 2021..

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Introducing ANSA Homes’ Pinnacle Plus Inclusions Promotion

When shopping around for a builder to build your new home, among many other things you’ll compare inclusions ….

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ANSA Homes named finalist in NSW Excellence in Housing Awards

ANSA Homes’ Sierra display home at Marsden Park has been named a finalist in the display home category of the Master Builders …

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The new Australian suburbia and the rise of knock down and rebuilds

While the supply of land for housing in Greater Sydney is decreasing and lot sizes in general have been reducing in size for more than a decade, the…

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Build beyond BASIX with ANSA Homes

All home builders in NSW must meet Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) requirements for new homes. Most builders choose not to go above and beyond the BASIX…

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What new home buyers need to know about inclusions packages

The term “inclusions package” is synonymous with building a new home. In fact, you have to scroll to the bottom of the third page …

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Welcome to the post-COVID home design era

Social commentator Bernard Salt predicted a resurgence of the great Australian dream in a recent column in The Australian. “In post-corona suburbia, what matters…

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Understanding Basix regulations for your new home

As our collective focus on sustainability grows, designing and building homes that are smarter and better for the environment is becoming…

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Have you considered going green for your new home?

When it comes to green homes, there’s green, and then there’s green. Sure, you can put solar panels on your roof and install…

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Happy family in a modern new built home holding an upside down V-shape panel

Is a knock down rebuild the right fit for your new home?

If you’re going to go to the trouble of renovating, for both financial and practical reasons a knock down rebuild may…

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Five ways to get the most out of your display home visit

With the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, display homes are once again open and …

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Display Homes Now Open

Building a new home is one of life’s biggest challenges, and we understand that you can’t always get what you need from just …

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Embrace technology to find your dream home during COVID-19

Seemingly overnight we were all asked to stay home as much as possible to avoid the spread of…

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The three stages of a knock down rebuild

The knock down rebuild of your existing home offers many benefits including enabling your family to continue to live…

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A message from ANSA Homes regarding COVID-19

The entire ANSA Homes team cares deeply about the health and wellbeing of our customers, suppliers, and building partners…

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Build a home for the whole family with a house with granny flat design

Your family’s living arrangements are not a static thing. Children grow up and eventually…

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How to sell your current home while building your new home

So, you’ve come to a home builder like ANSA Homes and decided on your new dream home, but you still own your current dwelling. How can you transition

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Site cost questions to ask before committing to a home builder in Sydney

Before you commit to building your dream home with a home builder in Sydney, you need to truly understand all the hidden costs associated with home building

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Planning to buy

Planning to buy your second home? Why not consider building new?

As experienced home builders in Sydney, we understand that there is an element of success that comes with purchasing your second home.

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The ANSA Certainty Promise explained

It is said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. Well, we can tell you from our experience as home builders in Sydney that this is not the case.There’s a third certainty in life, and that’s the

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Happy gold multi-generational family raise their hand in sun shine

Make multi-generational living work with the right home

There’s a strong trend towards multi-generational living, particularly in Sydney and its surrounds, where property prices continue to rise.

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ANSA Homes unveils three new display homes at Marsden Park

The ANSA Homes team is excited to announce the opening of our three new display homes at the recently unveiled HomeWorld Elara at Marsden

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Save in the long run by choosing knock down rebuild over renovating

Updating your home can be a costly endeavour, but did you know that choosing to knock down and rebuild on your existing land

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