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Love your Neighbourhood?

Knockdown Rebuild

Avoid the hassle of moving along with the costs of property taxes and agent’s fees when you buy and sell. In Sydney these costs can amount to $100’s of Thousands of dollars.

A knockdown rebuild allows you to retain the advantages of your current location while enjoying a custom-designed, modern home that meets your specific needs and reflects your personal style.

Avoiding the uncertainties and potential hidden costs of renovating an older property, a knockdown rebuild offers a fresh start, ensuring that your new home aligns with contemporary building standards, & energy efficiency.

Benefits of A knockdown rebuild

  • Realise Your Design Vision
  • Stay in the Suburb you Love
  • A Brand New Home
  • Low to Zero Maintenance
  • Know Your Upfront Costs
  • Your Exact Specifications
  • Include Multigenerational Living
  • Add Luxury Features
  • Avoid Frustration of Renovation
  • Adjust for your Future
  • An Energy Efficient Home
  • Avoid Hassle & Cost (Agents Fees) of Selling + Buying
  • Add Value to your Land Investment
  • Make an Impression on Your Street
The process

Knockdown Rebuild with

ANSA Homes has a robust process for pricing our Knockdown Rebuild project. So you have complete certainty in your build, price and process.


/ Site Investigation

A full understanding of your build site is the foundation of every tender. It's important to have a clear understanding of your site, it's benefits and also it's restrictions.


/ Testing + Survey

This is a more in-depth investigation into the type of soil on your block and the fall of the land. Both are important in determining what costs are associated with your build.


/ Specific BASIX

BASIX is the measurement of energy consumption and water usage in each new home built and is used to meet the sustainability requirements set out by the NSW government. It is an essential part of every new build with the price fixed early on in your tender.


/ Site + Zoning

Specific reports relating to flood and fire, developer guidelines and council restrictions, will detail any final conditions need to be met when building in your neighbourhood.

Talk to our Experts



Site Costs.

When building a new home, there are a lot of “unknowns” in site costs. ANSA Homes will review your site costs and any “unknowns” for your site by including a full site inspection and analysis of the site constraints to identify the costs and site obstacles upfront.

We take time to fully investigate your site to understand it's challenges and it's potential. The first step is understanding your site. Come in and make an appointment to speak to our experts for full clarity and understanding of your site.

What's holding you back?


Knockdown and Rebuild.

Your Block Constraints

The Ideal Floor Plan and your Site

We’ll help you design the right home for your family to suit your block. Some neighbourhoods are well planned with few restrictions and easy block dimensions, while others have a more complicated pathway that may challenge the look or design of what you’re thinking. Our aim is to match your “wants” with your “needs” whilst making sure to meet the council regulations whether its DA or CDC.

Your Lifestyle

What is your 'Why'? Our Design Brief.

Finding the right “fit” for your lifestyle is essential in building your new forever home. Are you someone who likes to watch the sun rise from the comfort of your home while drinking your morning coffee or do you prefer to catch the sun rising whilst out on your morning run? It’s the age-old question of home office, or home gym? Sewing room or rumpus room? Spare bedroom or theatre room? Starting with "Why you are building?" is essential to ensuring your home meets your design brief.


Clear and Straightforward

The idea of knockdown rebuilds is to build according to your budget without compromising on look or design. Find out what’s really important and build up from there. We can help make the decisions easier with our consultants who have years of experience designing and building for many families.


Ticking the Compliance Boxes

Whether you’re building under CDC (Complying Development Certificate) or DA (Development Application), regulations are a hurdle none of us can avoid. Before building, your local council will have a set of guidelines – or rules – that layout the conditions when building a new home. Different pathways have different conditions so choose the right one for you.

Your Design + Compliance Team_

— meet the team
Sean Thornton

Sean Thornton

Sales + Compliance Expert
Daniel Lewinton

Daniel Lewinton

Sales + Design Expert
Geoff Masters

Geoff Masters

Senior Design Consultant
Years of Combined Experience.
Rating for our design team on product review.
Sydney Homes, built for families.
Your Questions

ANSA Homes employs experts in areas of consultation, design, construction, and compliance, we’ll help you find your answers.

‘Fixed’ isn’t always ‘fixed’. Some builders may fix things to ‘what they know’ or ‘up to’ a certain amount but if it goes over the specified calculation, they charge you the additional cost. Alternatively, they may choose not to get the required reports up front so they can then ‘fix’ costs to a lower amount, adding them in once the build has commenced. This means you’re locked into a build where you don’t know what the final price will be because the builder didn’t do all the necessary ground work before starting your build. 

Not all tenders are created equal. A free tender will not accurately tell you how much your new home will actually cost to build. To deliver a free tender, builders may not inspect your site or get the required reports before determining the tender price. So, while your tender may be free, it won’t be accurate. Ask your builder if their tender includes a site inspection or any site related costs such as soil testing or contour surveys. If not, it’s not the final price. 

Make sure your builder has done ALL the reports, not just the ones required by council. Ensure that in your site cost breakdown that the words “up to” or “approximately” don’t precede any large costing items like piering or drop edge beams. This is typically where a builder may “estimate” because they’re unsure of how much piering is required, or how big the drop edge beams are, and is a result of not having done the appropriate site investigations. 

There are many important factors to consider when choosing the right builder for you, but a few of the key considerations are; reputation and experience, flexibility in design and customisation, and timeframes. The best advice we can give is to do your homework. This is your forever home and you’re committing a lot of hard-earned cash to something so you want to make sure the builder knows what they’re doing, will build something according to YOUR needs, not theirs, and will be able to finish in a timely manner. No one wants to wait years to get into their new home. 

Ready to consider a Knockdown Rebuild?

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