The ANSA Certainty Promise explained

It is said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. Well, we can tell you from our experience as home builders in Sydney that this is not the case. There’s a third certainty in life, and that’s the Certainty Promise from ANSA Homes. But what is ANSA’s Certainty Promise and what does it mean for you? Allow us to explain.

Enjoy certainty with a home builder in Sydney

The ANSA Homes team has been in the building industry for many years, and over that time we have seen many Sydney home buyers be told the “fixed” price of their build up front, only to discover further into the process that essential costs had been left out. What they end up with is a final price that is much more than what they had initially been quoted as “fixed”.

When building a new home you need to know – at the very start – exactly what costs you are committing to. And this is why ANSA Homes was created. When you build with ANSA Homes, the lines are never blurred. Our commitment to you is certaintyin every single aspect of building your new home, from design and pricing to service, process and expertise.

So, what do we mean by “certainty”? Well, there are five crucial areas of your build where we will provide certainty.

  • Certainty of Price: True transparency in pricing. No hidden costs at all.
  • Certainty of Process: Airtight approach to building homes through our years of experience.
  • Certainty of Design: Innovative, award-winning design.
  • Certainty of Service: Personalised customer service.
  • Certainty of Expertise: Local knowledge and proven credentials.

What the ANSA Certainty Promise means for you

What does this all mean for you? It means that we can deliver your dream home exactly how you want it – and at the exact price that we give you up front. At ANSA Homes, we don’t believe in so called fixed price estimations. Our model is simple – you get the final price first. A hassle-free journey to a completed build is what sets ANSA Homes apart from other home builders in Sydney.

As illustrated below, from the first “Hello” our price for your build never changes. We do the hard work – site inspections, soil testing, surveys, and so on – at the beginning. None of this information can be obtained simply from an internet search; your builder needs to actually visit your site to determine these critical details that will impact the cost of building your new home. With our certainty of price comes peace of mind for new home builders in Sydney.

In most situations, home builders in Sydney will estimate most of your site costs or provide what’s termed “minimum allowances” in order to keep the tender price low. What they may not tell you is that they expect these costs to increase once they get on site.

At ANSA Homes, we include all your site costs up front, including

  • Soil Testing;
  • Service Connections;
  • Site Survey & Contour Surveys;
  • Vegetation Clearing & Spoil Removal;
  • Benching or Cut and Fill;
  • Piering;
  • Slab Type & Drop Edge Beam Requirements;
  • Site Access Requirements;
  • BASIX Evaluation; and
  • Site Reports & Council Requirements.

Having these items accurately priced from the very start as part of the ANSA Certainty Promise provides you with clarity around the true cost of building your new home. That’s the difference between building a home and building an ANSA Home.

To find out more about our Final Price First guarantee, and how ANSA Homes can make your building experience an enjoyable one, call us on 1300 757 810, request a call from our friendly sales team or visit our display homes at Marsden Park, Oran Park, Kellyville and Edmondson Park.

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