Kitchen design trends for 2022

The kitchen is the focal point of the home. A place that brings everyone together to prepare and share meals, and therefore much more focus is placed upon its appearance and the way it functions.

As well as becoming the heart of your home, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many homeowners to rethink how they spend their time at home. Lesa Pont, ANSA Homes’ in-house designer has noticed in the past two years that clients are talking about the extra time they spend at home which is making them more adventurous in their design choices. “We find that if a client is going to invest a little more in their home, they will spend it on the kitchen as they spend a lot of time in and around this zone of their home,” said Lesa.

ANSA’s role in kitchen design

At ANSA Homes, the layout of the kitchen is pre-determined within the overall house design so clients already know the layout will work. But that doesn’t mean they cannot put their personality and taste into the look and function of their kitchen.

Lesa meets with all the clients for their Internal Selections appointments. Lesa takes them through their inclusions and discusses any upgrades they might like to include. Popular upgrades include additional drawers rather than doors, extra shelving, different appliances, pull-out bins, handles, and more.

Once they’ve decided on this, they move on to a meeting with ANSA’s kitchen supplier to choose finishes and colours. “Most of our clients have a good idea of what they like and want in their kitchen. Clients often come to meetings with kitchen ideas they’ve sourced on social platforms like Pinterest or Instagram and we take it from there,” said Lesa.

Island benches in most designs

The majority of ANSA Homes designs include an island bench which has been a strong trend for many years. “There’s a trend towards making the island bench into a multi-function table, rather than just a workbench. Some clients are moving the sink, which is typically in the island bench to make it a clean slate. Then they add stools, and it becomes a place to eat and congregate,” said Lesa.

“I’ve noticed that clients are being a little more adventurous. Shades of green are currently quite popular. Mixing timber finishes with a plain colour, also having the island joinery a darker colour than the rest of the kitchen joinery.

“You can’t go past classics like black or white as well. A few years ago, white was the main choice, and while it’s still popular for its timeless look it’s not quite as dominant.

In tapware, chrome is still popular, but black has come to the fore in recent years. “Other metallic tapware like brushed gold and brushed nickel are also popular to add a luxurious look,” said Lesa.

Personalise with texture

Texture alongside colour creates the style of the kitchen. A trend that will continue in 2022 is wood grain and smooth finishes on cabinetry.

Using timber in the kitchen is a great way to bring softness to the look. It also helps tie in with other furniture or laminate flooring in the open plan living areas.

Curved benchtops and products like Polytec Steccowood also fit with this trend to soften the look and have become popular.

“Most clients are opting for tiles on kitchen splashbacks, rather than glass which was popular a few years ago. “Another emerging trend I’ve noticed is strongly veined finishes that have a luxury look. It’s used as a statement benchtop and can also be incorporated on the walls as the splashback,” she said.

Lighting and appliances

Pendant lights continue to be popular above island benches, as well as functional lighting for food preparation and serving.

“For appliances, there’s a strong preference for the more compact pull-out range hoods that integrate under overhead cupboards, rather than the larger stand-alone units we saw in the last decade,” said Lesa. “The trend to integrate appliances also applies to fridges and dishwashers which can be incorporated so they look like another cupboard rather than a large appliance that can dominate,” she added.

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