Is a knock down rebuild the right fit for your new home?

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If you’re going to go to the trouble of renovating, for both financial and practical reasons a knock down rebuild may be a better option for building your new home just the way you like it.

As an experienced home builder in Sydney, we’ve seen the client success stories that can come from knock down rebuild projects.

And it’s not just about getting the new home you truly want; there’s also a financial benefit. Did you know that the cost per-square-metre of a new build is generally cheaper than the cost per-square-metre of a renovation? This is mainly due to the expense involved in upgrading an existing home and the increased labour required to tie new design features into an old building.

Renovation costs are challenging to predict

All ANSA Homes knock down rebuild jobs come with a fixed price contract, meaning the price you sign off on before work starts is the end price you will pay. Renovation costs on the other hand are more difficult to predict, so builders need to build a contingency into the quote to cover unexpected expenses.

This is partly because every renovation is a bespoke project that is time-consuming and labour intensive. Brand new homes can be built quickly, using proven systems that maximise efficiency and save time. In some cases, repairing major structural damage, sourcing the right kinds of materials, or modernising an old house to bring it up to date in terms of energy efficiency and overall quality has the potential to be very costly and time-consuming.

Knock down rebuild to avoid compromising on your vision

Demolishing your existing house might sound like a big job but it is relatively straightforward with a professional demolition company, who like ANSA Homes can provide a fixed price quote.

Working with a builder that has a tailored approach means the design is packaged into the build. At ANSA Homes our modern designs, including our award-winning house and granny flat design for multi-generation living, are at the forefront of modern housing design. And we can work with you to customise our designs to ensure that you get your new home exactly as you are picturing it in your mind.

Renovations, on the other hand, require you to work around your existing structure, which often involves creative compromise to satisfy the budget. Starting afresh means less compromise and more options around size and style.

Building a new home also gives you the option to kit out your new home with smart technology and green living options – which doesn’t just benefit the environment, but also your bank balance.

Choose a knock down rebuild specialist and avoid the pitfalls of renovation

Still wondering if you should renovate or demolish? Renovations often cost more and take longer than planned because they can uncover unforeseen existing problems. This is particularly true of old houses, which can appear quite sound on the first inspection but may contain hidden problems such as asbestos sheeting or insulation.

Renovations tend to take over your life for the period both leading up to and during the remodelling. There are lots of decisions to be made on an almost daily basis, so if you’ve already got a busy life you may struggle to keep up.

Ultimately you need to decide whether a renovation or a knock down rebuild is the best option for you and your family. So take your time, do the research and enjoy the process.

To provide you with knock down rebuild certainty, we have developed a detailed knock down rebuild guide covering the most critical topics and frequently asked questions.

Special limited offer on knock down rebuilds

At ANSA Homes we know that the cost of building materials are on the rise so we want to help customers get the home they want by locking prices in now. We currently have a special offer for customers to lock in their knock down rebuild price before 30 June 2020. Doing so will protect you from rising building costs due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Trying to decide whether to renovate or demolish? Call us on 1300 757 810 and our knock down rebuild specialists will answer your knock down rebuild questions, or send us an online enquiry.

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