Have you considered going green for your new home?


When it comes to green homes, there’s green, and then there’s green. Sure, you can put solar panels on your roof and install a recycled water tank, but these steps are merely the start of your sustainable home journey.

Green construction is all about building homes that are healthier and more comfortable to live in while also being better for our planet. It involves using non-toxic, ethical, and sustainable building materials with lower carbon footprints. A key focus is on indoor environmental air quality and the use of renewable resources.

Because a green home is more comfortable, it uses much less energy and has much lower greenhouse gas emissions – making it healthier for our climate and natural environment, as well as for those who live in it.

Beyond BASIX: The frontier of sustainable house design

Since their introduction in 2004, Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) requirements have set the standard minimum in sustainable planning measures for all new residential dwellings and renovations in NSW costing more than $50,000.

But beyond BASIX requirements, there are many further sustainable initiatives that can be built into your new home if you choose a qualified builder with the vision, certification and capability to deliver a true green home.

Europe, and Germany in particular, is considered the global leader in sustainable homes. At ANSA Homes we follow the principles of Energie Einspar Verordnung (EnEV), the low-energy construction code in Germany. Translated into English as German Energy Saving Ordinance, EnEV regulates energy performance for new buildings and building stock as well as energy certification of buildings.

How are green homes built?

To build your green home, we first work with you to determine the ideal temperature range that will make your home most comfortable for you. The house is then designed from the ground up to sit at that stable temperature range year-round without having to rely on energy-consuming heating or cooling.

We do this by designing and building your house using a world class “Intelligent Airtightness System” of up to seven layers in the external walls of your home. This enables your home to be truly airtight without any leakage points that cause the internal temperature to fluctuate.

We also install high performance windows to make your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. We can also add intelligent thermal mass where needed to stabilise internal room temperatures and further reduce your reliance on energy-consuming heating or cooling.

What are the most sustainable building materials?

reen homes are built using sustainable building materials that have low embodied energy, which ensures that your new green home will consume as little energy as possible for years to come. These products include carbon neutral bricks and wall cladding and natural products such as wool-based bulk insulation and phase change materials manufactured from recycled bio-based materials. ANSA Homes continues to expand its range of sustainable building materials from leading Australian suppliers.

Accuracy matters even more in green home building

The most challenging aspect of building a green home is making sure that your builder has an unwavering focus on quality and a microscopic attention-to-detail. Precise and accurate work is even more important in green home building because even a tiny gap of just 2mm between insulation can decrease thermal performance by up to 50%.

At ANSA Homes, we focus on certainty of process and certainty of design, which enables us to deliver truly accurate work when building your new green home.

Five reasons to build a new green home with ANSA Homes

Certainty of savings

An ANSA Homes green home design can save you thousands in mortgage repayments through discounted home loan interest rates.

Certainty of value

A study from the University of Melbourne found that upgrading your home to a 7-star energy efficient rating can add a further 9.4% to your sale price.

Certainty of comfort

Imagine a home that is 18.5 degrees cooler in summer and 17 degrees warmer in winter, minus the larger electricity bill. You can’t put a price on that.

Certainty of healthier living

ANSA Homes’ green homes feature a sophisticated, German-designed air filtration system that delivers fresh, filtered air throughout your home 24 hours a day.

Certainty of a sustainable future

ANSA Homes is the only builder in Australia that gives you an internationally certified home evaluated against world-class sustainability standards. Furthermore, ANSA Homes is the only builder in NSW that can deliver a certified future friendly home for your family’s health, wellbeing and comfort, for years to come.

Read more about making your new home sustainable and green or to start your new green home building journey today, call us on 1300 757 810 or send us an online enquiry.

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