Final Price First: The ANSA tender model for pricing new homes


Not all new home build tenders are created equal. Those based on the Free Tender model and the Base Price model of costing a home – both commonly used by home builders in NSW – start low and end high. These can appeal to some new home buyers, but are typically too good to be true and only cause trouble later, often when it’s too late to turn back.

At ANSA Homes we use the Final Price First model, which gives true clarity and consistency on price from start to finish. With our Final Price First model, there are no smoke and mirrors. We don’t hide things or offer lower allowances to get you to sign with us; instead, we do all the hard work upfront, to avoid any nasty surprises and most importantly so you know exactly what you’re committing to from the very start. 

Everything is laid on the table from our first discussion, giving home buyers certainty of price from the very beginning with no hidden surprises throughout their build.

How the ANSA Final Price First model works

The process of buying and building a new home can be broken into seven steps. At each step, a significant event happens.

We discuss how other Sydney home builders use their pricing models in this related blog and how both these models; the Free Tender model and the Base Price model introduce new costs as the project moves through these steps.

However, let’s look closely at the ANSA way  and how our Final Price First model ensures that the price we give you upfront is the end price that you will pay, with no exceptions.

Step 1: Choose your new home

Choose the ANSA Homes’ design and façade that best suits your vision for your new home. We then conduct a preliminary siting of your new home on your piece of land and explain how our Final Price First model works. Importantly, we won’t give you a free quote filled with arbitrary figures and assumptions that are often proven to be wrong. We will always discuss your specific site to ensure that anything discussed is absolutely relevant.

Step 2: Request your tender

Pay your tender request fee. We charge a tender request fee because in compiling your tender we do tangible work, such as carrying out specific site inspections, ordering site surveys, soil testing for your actual piece of land, and work planning. That way your tender price isn’t built on assumptions that will invariably prove to be wrong once construction starts.

We also prepare any final design amendments discussed and inclusions you want for your new home. It is at this point that the processing of loan pre-approvals begins.

Step 3: Tender acceptance

Attend our tender presentation, where you sign off on all plans, accept your tender, and pay the tender acceptance fee. At this point you will know exactly what interior inclusions have been included in the tender for example bathroom tile heights, ceiling heights and door frame heights. Critically, what you are signing off on is a Final Price First tender, detailing exactly what you will pay for your new home. 

We can offer this because we have done the hard work upfront to determine what it will cost to build your new home on your actual land. We therefore don’t need to add allowances as we know specific costs. This means no additional costs once all site inspections, service locations, soil tests or contour surveys have been done.  

With ANSA Homes you won’t get any nasty surprises that unexpectedly push costs beyond your agreed budget.

Step 4: Exterior selections and approval preparation

Here we present our plan and timeline for building your new home and sign off permit plans for submission. We also work with you to select your exterior colours and finalise and lock in all exterior selections. Your plan approval fee is also paid here. 

Step 5: Personalise your home

Stage five is the fun stage, where you make your interior selections. At this stage, we also progress some important things behind the scenes, such as BASIX and Nathers approvals, developer approval, and complete and lodge structural engineering plans.

We are so confident in our processes that as part of our certainty promise we guarantee that the only way your tender price will go up or down is if you add or delete items during the time you personalise your house.

Want a marble bathroom? Your price may go up. Not interested in the higher level inclusions you thought you were, no problem, these can be deleted and your price will go down.

The ANSA Homes way is all about you, putting the home builder in control – to ensure you get your tender and your price, just the way you like it.

Step 6: Approvals and building agreement

It’s almost go time. With approvals received, HIA Building Contract signed, and construction plans and tender signed, your lender will issue ANSA Homes with a Letter of Authority to commence the construction of your new home.

Step 7: Your home construction begins

With everything locked in from both our end and yours, we are now ready to start building your new home. And the best part is you already know exactly what it is going to cost, thanks to our Final Price First model.

Choose ANSA Homes for no nasty surprises

With ANSA Homes you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that our Final Price First tender model covers all costs (including site costs) associated with building your new home. It’s our way of ensuring that the price we give you upfront is the end price that you will pay. 

Call ANSA Homes on 1300 757 810 or send us an online enquiry to find out more about our Final Price First Model and discuss your requirements.

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