Embrace technology to find your dream home during COVID-19


Seemingly overnight we were all asked to stay home as much as possible to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Fast forward a month or so and it’s still unclear when the physical isolation measures will be lifted and we’ll be able to mix more freely with others again.

Like many home builders in Sydney and around Australia, at ANSA Homes we had to make the right decision and change to appointment only inspections of our display homes at Marsden Park, Oran Park, and Edmondson Park. But if that’s not an option for you, there are plenty of other ways to discover your dream home using technology.

3D Virtual Tour – the next best thing

Luckily we’d already invested in technology on our website to offer 360-degree walk-throughs of our three Marsden Park display homes – the Sierra, the Brooklyn, and the Arlo. This means you can view examples of our single storey home and double storey home designs from the comfort of your own home. You can even virtually tour our display homes in your PJs from the comfort of your own bed!

Using our 3D virtual tours is very simple using either your smartphone, tablet, or PC. You don’t need anything that you don’t already own, although you can turn it into a fully immersive 3D experience with virtual reality glasses.

With our virtual tours you can quite literally see every little nook and cranny of our display homes. You will get a real feel for the designs and all those little extra touches that we pride ourselves on offering.

Plenty of websites to explore

While we’d like to think that you only need to look at one website, the ANSA Homes one, of course, during your search, we understand and even encourage our customers to do plenty of online research. There’s so much to explore online, from real estate sites to the websites of home magazines. And don’t be afraid to look at what home builders and home buyers are doing overseas.

Google Maps and street view

If you’ve not used Google Maps and its street view function, you need to check it out right now. Google has literally sent its cameras all over most of the known world so you can view just about any location from your phone, tablet, or computer.

If you can’t visit the location during COVID-19 isolation you can have a really good look at the suburb where you are planning to build to find inspiration in other home designs. Better still, you can look at other areas and other houses to determine your favourite looks.

Of course, you do the same thing by walking around your local area while you’re undertaking your regular exercise, but Google Maps allows you to venture much, much further.

Design ideas from a plethora of images

Modern house design is a favourite pastime of many people so there’s plenty of resources online. Pinterest, Instagram, and other resources that are image-based applications have millions of ideas that you can access.

Save it in a way that you can easily refer back to in the future. It will help you to decide on your favourite look to share with your chosen home builder in Sydney.

We love it when our customers arrive with a clear idea of the look they want for their new home. It helps us to bring to life the vision you have in your head. Of course, we can certainly help you fill in the missing details if you are not quite sure what you really want.

Don’t let COVID-19 slow down your plans

We are here to help and the ANSA display homes at Marsden Park, Oran Park, and Edmondson Park are currently open for inspection by appointment only or click on one of the images below to view the Arlo, Sierra or Brooklyn via their 3D virtual tours.

During this time, our home development specialists are still available to discuss your home building questions, either by appointment or via online meeting platforms such as Zoom or Webex. Give us a call on 1300 757 810 for a chat about your new home.

Sydney-based ANSA Homes is a HIA and MBA award-winning builder that gives customers certainty and specialises in knock down rebuild projects.

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