Build a home for the whole family with a house with granny flat design


Your family’s living arrangements are not a static thing. Children grow up and eventually leave home, elderly parents choose to downsize, and there are times when some extra income from renting out part of your home could come in handy.

But how can you accommodate all of these life stages? The answer is a purpose-built home, such as the multi-generation house with granny flat designs from ANSA Homes, that is uniquely designed to house multiple groups in their own separate private living areas.

The house with granny flat design trend

While Australian family homes were once smaller, it wasn’t uncommon for several generations to live under the same roof. This was partly because elderly parents lived with their families for longer as there wasn’t a developed retirement living and nursing home sector. This was followed by a swing towards elderly people being moved into nursing homes, and in some cases entirely forgotten by the younger generations.

Swing back to current times and there’s a definite trend for older Australians to stay in their own homes and seek services to enable them to avoid aged care facilities altogether. But because this can be expensive, multi-generation families are coming together to share their housing costs with new homes that are based on a unique house with granny flat design.

Alongside this trend, immigration to Australia has led to an increase in multi-generation living because these family structures are inherent in some overseas culture. This has in turn had an influence on Australian culture and Australian home builders.

It’s these sorts of trends that ANSA Homes follows closely to ensure we meet market needs. We’ve been building Australian houses using modern house with granny flat designs for many years. We believe that this is definitely a growth area within the Australian housing market and a trend worth following, which is why we have no less than 12 multi-generation house and granny flat designs on offer.

Is a house with granny flat design for me?

Do you currently share an existing home with several generations of your family, with no separate spaces? Do you live in a great location, but find your house is too crowded with several generations living on top of each other?

Do you have teenage children who want their own space? Do you have elderly parents who want to downsize? Do you want a self-contained ‘granny flat’ to earn rental income? Are you struggling to save to buy your own home, but would consider living alongside other family members?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, you could be a whole lot happier and more comfortable with a multi-generation house with granny flat design from ANSA Homes.

Why is multi-generation housing the answer to my problem?

Multi-generation homes are ideal for families where two or more family groups want to live under the same roof. This might be so the family members can save money, or it might be because they like living in close proximity. Right now, you might want separate areas for teenage kids, and once those kids grow up and leave home, you might then use the same space for ageing parents. A house with granny flat design with a separate self-contained area can also be used as a rental property to earn extra income.

Pioneering house with granny flat homes in Australia

ANSA Homes has been at the forefront of the house with granny flat design trend in Australian home design and building. In fact, we pioneered the sector with our Astaire design, the first award-winning house and granny flat design to receive design awards from both the Master Builders Association (MBA) and the Housing Industry Association (HIA),

The Astaire is a two-homes-in-one design that offers multiple floor plans and is suitable for both standard blocks of land and corner blocks. The Astaire can be viewed at our Edmondson Park location.

Our other house with granny flat designs include:

  • The majestic Lellah, a three-homes-in-one design that can be viewed at our Oran Park location.
  • The deluxe Pollux, which offers a spacious two-bedroom granny flat and seven bedrooms in total.

The benefits of multi-generational living

The many benefits of multi-generational living include:

  • Lower living expenses because costs are split among more adults.
  • Parents and adult children can co-purchase property that they couldn’t afford on their own.
  • Providing a more cost-effective way to help care for ageing parents.
  • Helping to save on childcare costs due to having older generations living on site.
  • Keeping the entire family connected and fostering relationships between the oldest and youngest family members.

Why you should consider a house with granny flat design from ANSA Homes

ANSA Homes is a HIA and MBA award-winning builder specialising in house with granny flat projects. Large enough to have display homes at multiple locations, but small enough that everyone on our team knows your name, ANSA Homes give you certainty. Certainty of price, process, design, and expertise. Contact us today or drop into one of our display home locations for a confidential discussion about your new home.

To find out more about building your dream home with ANSA Homes, send us an online enquiry, call us on 1300 757 810, or visit our display homes at Marsden Park, Oran Park and Edmondson Park.

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