3. What is a Contour Survey?

What you need to know pre-build

A Contour Survey provides us the slope of your site and must be completed by a registered surveyor. Some builders will perform their own checks, but ANSA Homes strongly advises that this survey be completed by an independent surveyor.

A contour survey shows:

  • Generally similar distances between each contour
  • The closer the contour line spacing, the steeper the slope
  • The further the contour line spacing, the more gentle the slope
  • Closed contour lines with higher elevation towards the centre of the block indicate higher ground towards the middle of the block – eg: a hill
  • Closed contour lines with reducing levels towards the centre of the block indicate lower ground towards the middle of the block – eg: a pond

With a contour survey we can determine:

  • The actual siting of your home on your block of land
  • The extent of drop edge beams required, if any
  • Whether any retaining walls need to be constructed
  • Estimate the amount of spoil to be removed from your site

A contour survey allows ANSA homes is the first steps to providing you with a fixed site cost indication when designing and building your single or double storey home.

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