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Certainty of savings

On average, our homes will save you $131,516 in home mortgage payments – possibly even more if you have a larger than average mortgage! This is achieved by being more comfortable to live in, more sustainable and more energy efficient. Even better, banks are recognising the value or our houses and offering discounted interest rates by up to 0.4%. Let us show you the modelling and let the numbers speak for themselves.


Certainty of value

There is a huge premium attached to energy efficient homes when you sell – why? Because they are so comfortable and healthy to live in. Research conducted by the University of Melbourne shows that just by upgrading to 7-star energy efficient homeowners add 9.4% to their sale price. A comparative study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that every 0.5 star increase in your home adds more than $22,000 to the value so it’s easy to add a lot of financial value to your home very quickly without spending much money at all.


Certainty of comfort

While the financial benefits of our homes are fantastic, who can ever put a price on the health and comfort of your family? Our healthy sustainable homes are up to 18.5 degrees cooler in summer and 17 degrees warmer in winter, all without using a cooling or heating system, compared to homes built to minimum standards. They are also much quieter and more peaceful to live in because of the way they’re built. If peace and tranquility are important to you, then you have come to the right place. We promise once you’ve lived in a high-performance home you’ll never want to go back to an ordinary house. Don’t you and your family deserve to live in a home that is healthy and comfortable to live in, all year round?

healthier living

Certainty of healthier living

Our homes are much healthier to live in because they are built better. We give you as standard, a sophisticated, German-designed air filtration systems that delivers fresh, filtered air throughout your home 24 hours a day. They are ideal for removing dust, allergens and pollutants that cause health problems and respiratory issues. We also use environmentally friendly construction materials with ultra-low levels of chemicals and VOC’s which produce the “off-gassing” that can be so dangerous to your family’s health.

a sustainable future

Certainty of a sustainable future

ANSA Homes is the only builder in Australia that gives you an internationally certified home evaluated against world-class sustainability standards. You’ll see exactly how much you’re doing to help save the planet in terms of reduced energy and water usage, reduced greenhouse gases (CO2) and lower embodied energy. On average, our green homes can reduce standard energy use by 83%, water usage by 22% and greenhouse gas emissions by 34%. Our homes are truly designed for you and built for the planet. We deliver you a certified future friendly home for your family’s health and comfort – not just when you move in, but for years to come. When you’re building your ‘forever home’, you want to know that your investment has been future proofed, so that you’ll get the same joy and comfort 20 years from now that you do the day you moved in. We’ll show you how your new ANSA Home will be future proofed in terms of acoustic comfort, thermal comfort, health and sustainability to continue helping save our planet year-after-year.

Designed for you, built for the planet.


To many, simply adding solar panels to the roof or double glazing to the windows is all it takes to make a home ‘green’. But if you’re truly thinking about how to make your forever home more energy efficient and sustainable, you need to start with the design.


From the foundations all the way to the last tile on your roof, every element needs to be considered and tailored in order to reduce not only our impact upon the planet, but our reliance upon appliances to heat or cool a home.


Whether it be how the home is laid out, or the materials used in its construction, an ANSA Homes green home is purpose built to make it comfortable, healthy, sustainable and tranquil for those who live within its walls all year round.


What is green construction?

Green construction is all about building homes that are healthier and more comfortable to live in and are better for our planet. It involves using non-toxic, ethical and sustainable building materials with lower carbon footprints. A key focus is on indoor environmental air quality and the use of renewable resources.

Because a green home is more comfortable, it uses much less energy and has much lower greenhouse gas emissions – making it healthier for our climate and natural environment as well as for people.

What are the benefits to building green?

With a green home from ANSA Homes you can enjoy a quieter, more comfortable, and a healthier environment all year, every year. Green homes involve better construction processes designed to improve air quality, remove allergens and bacteria from your home and help maintain comfortable humidity levels. When you build green with ANSA, you also benefit from building materials purposely selected for their lack of chemicals and harmful additions.

How to build a green home?

A green home is built by first determining your ideal temperature range that will make the home most comfortable for you. The house is then designed from the ground up to sit at that stable temperature range year-round without having to rely on energy-consuming heating or cooling.

What are ways to make houses more energy efficient?

A truly energy efficient house is airtight – just like an esky – without leakage points that cause wildly fluctuating internal temperatures. To achieve this ANSA Homes uses a world class “Intelligent Airtightness System” of up to 7 layers in the external walls of your home. To make performance even better, we install high performance windows to make your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. If needed, we will also add intelligent thermal to stabilise internal room temperatures and reduce your reliance on energy-consuming heating or cooling.

How do I make my home eco-friendlier?

If you’re looking for an eco-friendlier home, you need to consider the materials used in its construction. Eco-friendly homes are built using sustainable materials that offer low energy consumption and emit minimal greenhouse gases.

What is the hardest part of building a green home?

The hardest part of green home building is making sure your builder has an unwavering focus on quality and a microscopic attention-to-detail. Did you know that a tiny gap of just 2mm between insulation can decrease the thermal performance by up to 50%? At ANSA Homes, we focus on certainty of process, certainty of design, and accurate work processes to give you a truly green home.

What is a zero-energy home?

A zero-energy home is a home that is so well designed and so energy efficient that they can produce as much renewable energy as they use each year. This of course means that you have zero power bills! ANSA Homes can work with you to create your smart zero energy home.

What are the most sustainable building materials?

The best sustainable building materials have low embodied energy and help your home to minimise energy and resource consumption in the years to come. Products you should consider in your new home include carbon neutral bricks and wall cladding and natural products including wool-based bulk insulation and phase change materials manufactured from recycled bio-based materials. ANSA Homes continues to expand its range of sustainable building materials from leading Australian suppliers.

Certainty by your side with an accredited green builder


While building your new energy-efficient, sustainable, green home is a tremendously exciting time, there are big decisions to be made that many people may find challenging.

During your new home building journey, it’s great to have the certainty that comes from being able to talk with an accredited green home builder, who has built some of Australia’s best-performing sustainable homes.

Rick Leighton is an award-winning builder and an expert in energy efficiency and sustainability. Recognised by the HIA for building Australia’s best energy efficient project home and winner of the HIA’s National GreenSmart Award, Rick was the only builder in Australia to make the national finals in four separate categories – Best Energy Efficient Project Home, Best Water Efficiency, Professional of the Year and Best Home in Australia Overall.

With a degree in Ecological Design and a Masters in Green Building and Sustainability from the San Francisco Institute of Architecture, Rick is a qualified thermal performance assessor and holds professional qualifications in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. Rick has completed training in Passiv Haus design and is Australia’s only EDGE certified assessor in energy efficiency, water savings, embodied energy and greenhouse gas reductions. He is also a qualified Liveable House Designer.

Rick has built homes that reduce average energy costs by 87%, reduce water consumption by 80% and greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90%.


Start your green home journey the right way with ANSA Homes and Rick Leighton. To make an appointment with Rick call us on 1300 757 810 or complete the enquiry form below to arrange a call back.

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