CASE STUDY: First home buyer’s journey continues with ANSA Homes

We’ve recently been following first home buyer Rachel Auld and her family as they build their new home with ANSA Homes in Oran Park in South West Sydney throughout 2021. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can read our first instalment of this case study here.

The Auld family is building a multi-generational home with ANSA Homes, choosing the Brooklyn design, one of our pioneering ‘two homes under one room’ designs with a granny flat. They chose the Origin façade, and made some customisations to the floor plan, which ensured that with ANSA Homes they would get their new home just the way they like it.

In this Q&A interview from mid-August 2021, we catch up with Rachel to get up to speed with how her multi-generational home build is progressing and how the ANSA team is managing the process during Sydney’s Covid restrictions.

Where are you currently at with your build, as of August 2021?

We’ve had a few delays with Covid, but I just got an update from my site supervisor today letting me know that they’re putting the roof on, which is really exciting. The frame is up, the slab is done, some of the bricks are done. The roof will go on today, then they move to the externals, and then they go to lock up stage. All colour selections are already done, we’ve picked out everything, so now I’m just sitting back and watching it all go up.

How has the ANSA team managed communications with you during Covid lockdown in Sydney?

Really good. I got an email from the ANSA team to let us know what was going on. But I had actually spoken to my site supervisor a few days prior to the lockdown. So I had an inkling what was going on. Our site supervisor was pretty good at keeping in contact with me and letting me know what’s going on.

So I was aware of what would happen and what it would look like for us. And being in one of those LGAs that weren’t in full lockdown, we only had two weeks that we lost progress on.

While Covid lockdown isn’t something that a builder can change, communicating with customers around pauses to construction need to be properly managed…

Exactly, so I’m not left guessing. I’m just one of many people ANSA is working with, so I’m pretty impressed with the amount of information I did get from them. And if I have any questions, they’ve made it very clear that I’m welcome to call them whenever I need to.

These things are outside of ANSA’s or my control. There’s nothing we can do about that; it is what it is. But I feel quite supported by ANSA by the fact that despite the obstacles that we’re being thrown, the communication is still quite good.

Now that you are further into the build phase, what have you seen first-hand about how ANSA Homes as an organisation and how it operates?

I’m still really happy with them. I’m on a lot of the first homeowners and first builder groups on the socials, and some of the horror stories you see are just absolutely terrifying.

I have engaged a third-party company to do intermittent checks on the property – the slab, the frame, and any areas of concern that they think might need to be more closely looked at. And nothing of concern has come up. I feel quite confident that ANSA is mindful of my concerns and that they’re keeping me assured as well. So I’m still very happy with my choice. Very happy.

Did ANSA have any objection to this?

No, not at all. I told my site supervisor when I was introduced to him that that is something that we’d be doing and he was fine with that. And he has allowed access to the site for the inspector with no issues whatsoever, which has been the main thing. I’m very pleased with the service I’m getting.

What’s the next step for your build with ANSA Homes?

Looking at the step by step guide that was provided to me by ANSA when they first started working with me.

ANSA Homes provides you with a handy step-by-step guide of where your build is, where it goes next, and each stage of the process. We’re onto the roof now; once the roof is down they will be commencing the lining stage.

A key part of how ANSA Homes operates is its final price first tender guarantee. How is that playing out for you as you progress through your build?

Well, no one has come to me at all expecting me to pay any more. Nothing has been raised with me about paying more money. So at this stage they have followed through with their guarantee. And our certainty of price is exactly the same.

Nothing has changed price-wise whatsoever, which is awesome. I’m seeing on the socials people who are about to have their slab laid and are being told by their builder that they need to pay another $60,000 and basically being held hostage. That was a fear for us, hence the reason why we went with ANSA. And they’ve kept their promises thus far. I can’t wait to move in.

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