Case study: First home buyer building dream home with ANSA Homes

Rachel Auld decided she wanted to build her first home with ANSA Home even before she and her family bought their block of land in Oran Park in Sydney’s south west growth zone.

“We lived close to the display home village at Oran Park (now closed) in our current rental property and passed through on a regular walk, “explains Rachel. “The ANSA home façade caught my eye, so we decided to take a closer look.

“We knew we wanted a home with a granny flat to accommodate my dad. In 2015 we lost my Mum, and Dad has been living alone in South Australia ever since. Last year during the COVID pandemic lockdowns he was so isolated, and that’s when I thought about inviting him to move to Sydney and establish a multi-generation household.”

“Aside from seeing the ANSA display home, I did an internet search for ‘homes with granny flats’, and ANSA came up first.” The family bought their block of land in Oran Park in October 2020, after searching for an existing home to buy. They couldn’t find anything existing with a granny flat, so decided to build a new home

ANSA Homes: Engaging service from consultants who listen

The couple chose to build with ANSA Homes because of all the builders they consulted with, they felt ANSA was the one that truly listened to what they wanted from their new home.

“We looked at a few other home builders but found that they were either too aggressive, or brushed us off as if we were wasting their time,” Rachel explained. “Whenever we told them we didn’t have a piece of land yet, they ignored us. “The first time we visited the ANSA display home at Oran Park we were greeted by [ANSA team member] Maria, who was very engaging and easy to talk to. I went back several times and found Maria and the ANSA team to be very genuine and helpful.”

“You hear so many horror stories in the building industry and we didn’t want to take chances.”

“We chose a design and then tailored it to suit our needs,” Rachel explained when asked about the design flexibility and customisation she enjoyed with ANSA Homes. “The ANSA team was very accommodating with our changes.

“As a result, we’ve literally come up with my dream home. Incorporating the granny flat within the home means Dad will have privacy, but he’ll also be close by when he wants to be involved in family life.”

Experiencing the ANSA Homes Certainty Promise

Rachel noted that they were also attracted to ANSA because of their fixed price philosophy.

“You hear so many horror stories in the building industry and we didn’t want to take chances when playing with our money and my Dad’s money,” added Auld.”

The price you receive from ANSA Homes in your tender document is the final price you will pay for your new home, guaranteed. This means no additional costs are ever added once site inspections, service locations, soil tests or contour surveys have been done, except if something is added to or deleted from the design. We call this the ANSA Certainty Promise, and we don’t believe any other homebuilder in Greater Sydney offers the same transparency and certainty in their pricing as we do. In fact, the Certainty Promise has been our approach to pricing and customer service since the day we launched ANSA Homes.

A bold first home with ANSA

The Auld family chose a two-storey home with a separate granny flat incorporated, to be built on their 658m2 square block. The new home is based on ANSA Homes’ Brooklyn design, with the Origin façade.

 When completed later this year, it will have four bedrooms in the main house with an overall 330 to 340 square metres. From the exterior, it looks like one dwelling but the one-bedroom granny flat has a separate entrance offering complete privacy.

“We chose a design and then tailored it to suit our needs; the ANSA team was very accommodating with our changes.”

This is the very first home that Rachel and her husband have built a new home, but it’s a much bigger project than most people’s first home purchase. They had a larger budget than many first home buyers may have, but they also had very specific needs with their new home.

“We’ve exceeded our initial budget already, but we decided during the planning process to go with all the trimmings including a swimming pool. That’s why I call it my dream home,” said Rachel.

“So far the process of building for us has gone really well. The whole ANSA team has been supportive, including their designer, who helped choose colours, fittings and materials.

“I’ve worked in recruitment for my entire career so I’m used to the business world and its requirements. Likewise, my husband works for a telco and we’ve both been impressed by the professionalism of the ANSA team,” concluded Rachel.

Keep an eye on the ANSA website as we follow Rachel and her family on their ANSA home building journey throughout 2021. We’ll post updates as the Auld family progress towards the key ceremony for their new home with ANSA Homes.

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