Custom home design without the custom home design price tag

Custom home building is costly. In fact, the cost per square metre for a custom home design is typically four times that of a standard home design.

But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for an off the shelf, cookie-cutter home design when what you really want is something that uniquely fits with how you want to live. It all depends on the home builder you choose and how willing they are to work with you to give you exactly what you want.

At ANSA Homes, we are a boutique home builder who truly believes that you should get the new home that is just the way you like it. Our approach enables new home buyers to access the best parts (and cost efficiencies) of the project builder methodology while also customising their new home.

Custom building is all about design flexibility and defining and delivering a precise, tailor-made living solution for each customer. And that’s what ANSA Homes provides – minus the costs typically associated with custom building.

ANSA Homes’ unique approach to custom home design

Most new home designs are similar in terms of what they include. What differentiates builders is how willing and able they are to reconfigure their standard designs to give customers exactly what they want – and how they price such design changes.

For example, a home buyer may come to ANSA Homes with a certain home design in mind, perhaps the double storey Brooklyn 32, the single storey Arlo 25, or one of our award-winning house and granny flat designs. They like the design, but want to tweak it in places. They may want to:

  • move the bedrooms around;
  • add another ensuite or two (!);
  • enlarge the living area;
  • move some walls to fit in more storage space; or
  • address something specific to their lifestyle or block of land.

To deliver what the client truly wants, our design team will take their chosen design, modify it, and provide an accurate cost estimate of the new base design. It’s worth noting that, generally speaking, moving things around on your floor plan won’t change the cost as much as you might think, provided the total footprint of the house doesn’t change or the complexity become an issue.

If you already have floor plan ideas that you want to use, our sales and design teams will listen and learn from you what you want to achieve with your new home, and determine what is our best fit from a standard design perspective and how we can then customise it to make it perfect for you and your family.

“Moving things around on your floor plan won’t change the cost as much as you may think, provided the total footprint doesn’t change.”

That may even involve taking half of one of our standard home designs, and half of another, and combining them to give you the custom home design you truly want. And the best part is you’ll enjoy economies of scale and efficiencies that you wouldn’t be able to access through a purely custom home builder.

Common custom design requests

Common custom design requests include:

  • changing the size of the bedrooms;
  • adding more storage space;
  • adding a second or third garage;
  • adapting the design for multi-generational living;
  • adding a second kitchen; and
  • increasing the size of the media room.

Flexible home designs

It’s important to note that while ANSA Homes isn’t a custom builder, we can still offer design flexibility for your new home. Our unique position as a boutique size home builder enables home buyers to get their new home just the way they like it – while avoiding the huge costs that come with custom home building.

“While ANSA Homes isn’t a custom builder, we can still offer design flexibility for your new home.”

The ANSA Homes team has extensive experience in working with home buyers to help them build their new home just the way they like it. Sometimes it’s changing the size of a bedroom or two. Sometimes it’s adapting a design to create a multi-generational living space. And other times it’s creating additional storage space, a media room, an outdoor kitchen, a prayer room, or a third garage.

Essentially, anything is possible and can be incorporated cost-effectively (compared to hiring your own architect) using one of our existing designs as the starting point.

If you’re considering a knock down rebuild, or have land and are searching for a builder who can work with you to bring to life the home you are picturing in your head, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss how we can design your home just the way you like it. Call us on 1300 757 810 and let’s get started.

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