2020: The year that was

It’s been a crazy year that none of us will soon forget. But as 2020 has worn on and we all settled into the new normal, we hope that everyone has found reasons to celebrate.

As we look ahead to 2021, all of us at ANSA Homes are grateful for the resounding support we have received from home buyers. And we were happy to see all the people who visited our display homes in 2021!

The COVID pandemic has had a major impact on the residential building market this year and we’ve risen to the occasion. To offset the effects of the pandemic, we offered virtual tours of our display homes and a price freeze on knock down rebuild projects.

We didn’t allow the pandemic to slow down our product development, nor stop us from acknowledging changing market needs with trends such as the changing face of Aussie suburbia and the introduction of our new green homes division.

The icing on the cake for us was being named a finalist in the Master Builders Association of NSW’s Excellence in Housing Awards 2020 for our two-storey Sierra design.

2020 ANSA Homes’ highlight reel

Here are our other highlights for the year, which we have shared through our regular news updates over the last 12 months.

The changing face of Aussie suburbia

  • The new Australian suburbia and the rise of knock down and rebuilds: The suburbs of Australian cities have been revitalised during the pandemic as people spend more time close to home. This has led to a rising interest in knock down rebuilds. Read more.

  • Welcome to the post-COVID home design era: The COVID pandemic has changed the way people live in their homes. People are working from home more, spending more leisure time at home, and also working out at home more. So home designs need to adapt accordingly. Read more.
  • Build a home for the whole family with a house with granny flat design: There is also a trend towards multi-generation families coming together to share their housing costs with new homes that are based on a unique house with a granny flat design. Read more.

Sustainability and green home building

  • Have you considered going green for your new home?: Building a green home is much more than putting solar panels on your roof and installing a recycled water tank. Green construction is all about building homes that are healthier and more comfortable to live in while also being better for our planet. Read more.
  • Understanding BASIX regulations for your new home: The NSW BASIX system focuses on the sustainable use of energy, water and thermal comfort. At ANSA Homes we take it one step further with our Certified Future Friendly Home. Read more.
  • Build beyond BASIX with ANSA Homes: Most builders choose not to go above and beyond the BASIX mandatory minimums, but ANSA Homes does – because we are not just another home builder. Read more.

Knock down rebuild: All you need to know

  • Is a knock down rebuild the right fit for your new home?: The cost per-square-metre of a new build is generally cheaper than the cost per-square-metre of a renovation. Renovations often include unexpected costs due to unexpected problems, so a knock down rebuild is often a better option. Read more.

  • The three stages of a knock down rebuild: Knock down rebuild projects have three distinct stages: investigation and research; choosing your builder and home design; and building your new home. Read more.

Happy family in a modern new built home holding an upside down V-shape panel

Practical tips for home buyers and home owners

  • Planning to buy your second home? Why not consider building new?: First home purchases are often about compromise, but the second time around most people have a firm idea of what they want, and building a new home can often meet those dreams. Read more.
  • Site cost questions to ask before committing to a home builder in Sydney: For some sites, site costs can be the most underestimated cost of building your new home – and often the one with the largest variability. Site costs can include soil testing, service connections, site survey, vegetation and clearing, peers and site access requirements. Read more.
  • How to sell your current home while building your new home: How can you transition from one home to the other while minimising the disruption and the cost for you and your family? This could include selling first and renting, or a bridging loan. Read more.

  • What new home buyers need to know about inclusions packages: The specifics of what’s included in a new home inclusions package will vary from home builder to home builder. Two builders might have the same item types in their inclusions packages, but it’s important to take a closer look. Read more.

What’s coming in 2021

The COVID pandemic’s effect will still be felt in 2021 with the changing needs of homeowners and more people choosing the ‘burbs over the inner city. Knock down rebuild projects will continue to grow in popularity as:

  • land is more expensive;
  • new blocks are smaller; and
  • people are more connected to their communities and less inclined to move.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. And here’s to a fantastic 2021! We have a great year in store – and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

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