What new home buyers need to know about inclusions packages

The term “inclusions package” is synonymous with building a new home. In fact, you have to scroll to the bottom of the third page of search engine results before you find a website that isn’t from a new home builder.

As a new home buyer, you will study and pour over even the smallest details of inclusions packages when deciding which home builder to build with. While the floor plan or the façade is what gets you in the door, sometimes it’s the value in the inclusions packages that sways you to choose builder A over builder B, C, or D. And, what is and isn’t included in inclusions packages is also critically important, because anything that is not included will invariably cost you dearly further down the road.

Inclusions packages explained

The specifics of what’s included in a new home inclusions package will undoubtedly vary from home builder to home builder. Two builders might have the same item types in their inclusions packages, but it’s important to take a closer look, as builder A’s items may be of inferior quality than those of builder B.

The trick is to always look very closely for what is not included in your standard inclusions package, as that can be where large pricing increases happen. And when that happens, you’ll find that the true price of your dream home skyrockets – and may now be beyond your budget. When it comes to new home buying and inclusions packages, it’s important to make sure you’re comparing apples with apples to avoid disappointment.

Look for inclusions that go above and beyond

You may also find home builders that pack even more considered value into their standard inclusions packages. Value that will provide benefits to you both immediately and long into the future.

At ANSA Homes, our Pinnacle Inclusions package contains a considered selection of inclusions that offers both immediate and long-lasting value to your new home. We believe that designer features should come as standard, to truly make sure that your new home not only stands the test of time, but is created just the way you like it.

Here are just two features of the ANSA Homes Pinnacle Inclusions value-adding highlights that many builders in NSW do not include or consider part of their standard inclusions packages.

1. A 3kw photovoltaic (PV) solar roofing system

Drawing on our experience and expertise in green home building, we include a truly value-adding photovoltaic (PV) solar roofing and energy management system complete with a 10 year warranty in our Pinnacle Inclusions package. Considered one of the best solar roofing and energy management solutions for residential building, the Bristile photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system combines the latest in clean energy, solar, and battery technology, complete with a stylish and durable roof tile range. ANSA Homes is one of very few builders in NSW that offers this truly value-adding feature to home buyers.

2. A full laundry fit-out

There’s nothing more disappointing than moving into your new home only to realise your laundry room is a great empty space with no shelving or storage. As part of our Pinnacle Plus Promotion, ANSA Homes provides you with a fully equipped and ready to use laundry from the day you move in. Featuring all the essentials a functional laundry needs, along with stylish and intuitive storage solutions. Simply bring your washing machine and we’ll bring the rest.

Reading between the lines on inclusions packages

Sometimes the true value – perceived or otherwise – of an inclusions package can be hard to determine. When perusing display homes or browsing through a homebuilder’s website, be sure to assess the finer details of the inclusions packages on offer.

It’s easy to be dazzled by beautiful images splashed across pages in a brochure. Instead, focus on what’s not being offered, and why. What is being left out that you’d like to see included? If you feel as if you’re being misdirected in any way or being led down a certain path that doesn’t feel quite right to you, simply take a step back and breathe. Don’t feel pressured into a decision that you’re not 110 per cent comfortable making.

Choose a builder with inclusions packages that feature the inclusions that are most relevant to you and that add legitimate, practical, and timeless value to your new home. And don’t forget, look for the items that are not included in the packages.

At ANSA Homes, our Pinnacle Inclusions package is jam packed with the best quality  inclusions as standard, adding true value where it makes your new home shine brightest. Download a copy of our inclusions brochure to find out more, or contact our team on 1300 757 810. At ANSA Homes, we want you to build your home just the way you like it.

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