Build beyond BASIX with ANSA Homes

All home builders in NSW must meet Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) requirements for new homes. Most builders choose not to go above and beyond the BASIX mandatory minimums, but ANSA Homes does because we are not just another home builder. Rather, at ANSA Homes we are driven to deliver certainty by designing and building new homes just the way our customers like them.

Through our experience and expertise in green home building, we know that many homebuyers today want to build sustainable features into their new home. The rising interest in sustainable home building is two-pronged. We have found that increasingly new home buyers are looking for effective ways to reduce their long-term impact on the environment, while also seeking innovative ways to add long-term value to their new home.

Offering the Bristile Solar roofing system


ANSA Homes is one of very few builders in NSW that offers a full photovoltaic (P.V.) solar roofing and energy management system as part of our Pinnacle Inclusions package.

The innovative Bristile system doesn’t just enable you to meet BASIX requirements around renewable energy; it goes further by enabling you to tap into a rich source of solar power to offset the cost of powering your new home.

Considered one of the best solar roofing and energy management solutions for residential building, the Bristile Photovoltaic (P.V.) Solar energy system combines the latest in clean energy, solar and battery technology (battery only included with our Green Plus package), complete with a stylish and durable roof tile range.

There are four key components to the truly innovative smart energy saving solution that the Bristile Solar roofing and energy management system offers.

Solar cells


Making the most of clean energy sources, our Pinnacle Inclusions package includes as standard the quality, high performing Bristile solar panels system that captures the natural energy from the sun. Traditional mounted solar panels are offered as standard, however stylish integrated tiles that seamlessly match your chosen roofing tiles are also available as a further upgrade, should you so wish.

The inverter


Turning the captured clean energy into useable power, the inverter converts and delivers AC power to your power points, powering your various household devices without using power from the electricity grid.

Battery power storage (in the Green Plus package)


Harnessing and storing your clean energy for when you most need it, the battery power storage unit enables you to store and use generated power for your home, rather than sending it back to the grid. The battery power storage system is available as part of the ANSA Homes Green Plus package.

Smartphone monitoring and communication


Giving you greater energy management control, and the cherry on top for the Bristile Photovoltaic (P.V.) Solar roofing and energy management system, is a smartphone app. The Bristile app enables you to remotely view the amount of power generated by the system.

Future thinking with ANSA’s inclusions

The Bristile Solar roofing system available to all ANSA Homes customers through our Pinnacle Inclusions package comes with an extensive roof panel warranty that includes a 25-year performance warranty as well as a 12-year product warranty.

And with a 10-year inverter warranty as well, not only will you be adding additional, immediate value to your new home by enhancing its green credentials, but you’ll also be reducing the cost of living in your new home for years to come.

When you build with ANSA, we don’t just build your new home, we build your new home just the way you like it.

Download our Pinnacle Inclusions booklet now to see all that’s included in our luxury as standard Inclusions. Or speak with our team now to discuss our Green Plus package by calling 1300 757 810 or visiting one of our display home locations.

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