Welcome to the post-COVID home design era

Social commentator Bernard Salt predicted a resurgence of the great Australian dream in a recent column in The Australian . “In post-corona suburbia, what matters is authenticity, reality, personal relationships, the home, and the community”.

He goes on to say that suburban Australia is springing to life as local retail strips are rediscovered, local businesses are being supported, bike paths and parks are being frequented – all injecting new life.

At the core of his premise is the fortressing of the Australian suburban home. Australian families are spending more time at home so they’re seeking numerous living areas that offer privacy, multi-purpose spaces, cosy alfresco areas, open-plan areas where the family can gather without being on top of each other, and media rooms for Friday night movies.

For a boutique home builder like ANSA Homes, this is music to our ears. We have a range of home designs and flexible floorplans to suit the needs of your family in a post-COVID world.

Post-COVID home design trends

Based on our many years of experience, post-COVID home design trends, and the queries we’re already getting from our clients, here are our four predictions for post-COVID home design.

Using our living spaces differently

When planning different spaces there will be more areas designated for a specific function. Modern open-plan living is popular for many reasons, but during this period we are realising it can be a hindrance when our work lives merge into our home lives. We predict a shift to more clearly defined spaces, allowing for distinct boundaries between home and work life.

At ANSA Homes our designs are focused on comfortable family living so even in open plan areas there’s enough space for the family to gather without being on top of each other. Most designs include multiple living areas making them very comfortable for several generations to live in one home.

More working from home

Experts predict that as a result of the huge numbers of office workers who worked from home during the pandemic, a percentage of those people will continue to do so, even on a part-time basis in the future. As a result, more homeowners will be factoring an efficient working from home set-up into their post-COVID home design, meaning innovative and spacious family home designs offered by ANSA will be in demand.

It will be important to have at least one clearly delineating space with access to the required technology. In the past, a study or office was a low priority for most, but in post-COVID home design, there will be more of a focus on an area that will increase productivity, balance, health, and pleasure.

Home offices need to be fully functional with proper seating, work surfaces, lighting, acoustics, and temperature control, and more than one area might be required if two or more household members work from home. An ideal space is a spare bedroom that could also double as a guest room.

Outdoor living options

Outdoor living zones have been growing in importance over the past decade, but the pandemic has shone a light on the merits of a great outdoor living area for families who are spending more time at home.

Designing alfresco areas will take on renewed importance in post-COVID home design as homeowners seek to carve out their own private outdoor oasis. They will need to consider whether the space will be used passively, as an area to look out upon from inside; or more actively, as a space to sit and have coffee, work, do recreational activities, work-out, and more.

All ANSA Homes’ designs incorporate at least one alfresco area, and in some designs, there are multiple spaces.

Working out at home

With gyms closed for months, many people have turned to at-home workout routines. Companies selling home gym equipment have had a sales boom over the past few months, so in post-COVID home design, gyms will become almost as important as the home office.

Traditionally the car has been moved out to make way for a garage home gym set-up, but there are many other options for an efficient home workout set-up and ANSA Homes can help. If you choose a spacious design from ANSA Homes, there will be options to set up a home gym in a spare bedroom or a second living area.

Build your post-COVID home with certainty

At ANSA Homes, we are guided by our Certainty Promise. When we work with clients on designs for new homes, as well as knock down rebuild projects we always incorporate smart storage ideas. But the decluttering trend heralds a major change of priorities for homebuyers in 2020 and beyond. Together, let’s create your dream new home or dream knock down rebuild home for the post-COVID era of Australian suburbia – just the way you like it.

Call us on 1300 757 810 or send us an online enquiry and our specialist team will work with you to design and bring to life your post-COVID home design ideas.

Understanding Basix regulations for your new home

As our collective focus on sustainability grows, designing and building homes that are smarter and better for the environment is becoming more important than ever.

Since they were introduced by the NSW Government in 2004, Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) requirements have set the standard minimum in sustainable planning measures for all new residential dwellings and renovations in NSW costing more than $50,000.

What is BASIX?

BASIX requirements were introduced to encourage sustainable residential development as part of the NSW Government’s Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. The mandated BASIX certificate does three important things:

  • ensures that NSW has more resilient and sustainable housing options.
  • reduces greenhouse gases and water consumption in new and renovated homes.
  • reduces the cost of living due to using less water and electricity.

Not only is a BASIX certificate part of the development application process in NSW, it is also one of the strongest sustainable planning measures for residential building in Australia.

BASIX’s mission is to reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources to make our homes comfortable. Targets were set at a 40% reduction in water usage and up to 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Key BASIX focus areas

There are three areas that BASIX focuses on to meet the minimum requirements for delivering a sustainable home.


When submitting your BASIX application for building your new home, a target of 50% reduction in energy usage needs to be met. If a home has not yet been built, how is this determined? Targets vary but are based on assessing the type of home you are building, and which Energy Target Zone you are building in.


Australia is a country of extremes and water is one of the most valuable resources we have. The benchmark (maximum) set by the Department of Planning & Environment is 90,340 litres of water per person per year (or 247 litres per person per day), which was the average (medium) potable water consumption of a pre-BASIX home.

Depending on the Water Target Zone you are building in, your water reduction target can range  from 40% to 0%. All new home builds with ANSA Homes have a water reduction target of 40%. Read more about BASIX water requirements.

Things to consider around BASIX and water usage include:

  • Landscaping;
  • Fittings and fixtures;
  • Alternative water sources (and their uses); and
  • Pools and outdoor spas.

Targets are based on data provided by state and federal water utilities, as well as data from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Thermal comfort

BASIX thermal comfort requirements define the level of comfort occupants can expect without the use of heating and cooling appliances. The aim is to reduce greenhouse emissions from artificial heating and cooling appliances through efficient building design and the use of appropriate construction materials.

To complete the thermal comfort portion of your BASIX, ANSA uses the Simulation Method  . This is detailed method uses NatHERS accredited software and can simulate a wide range of construction methods and materials.

Beyond BASIX with ANSA Homes

With sustainability becoming more and more of a priority, in 2020 many homebuyers are moving beyond BASIX when thinking about what they want from their new home.

While BASIX sets the mandated minimum in sustainable planning measures, there are many other sustainable initiatives that you can invest in that will make your new home truly green. Your site conditions and the aspect of your new home have the biggest impact on the efficiency of your new home, so getting these two details right is essential.

Find out all about ANSA green homes now

ANSA Homes is the only builder who can deliver a Certified Future Friendly home for your family’s health, wellbeing and comfort for years to come. On average, our homes can reduce standard energy use by 83%, water usage by 22% and CO2 emissions by 34%. They truly are homes designed for you and built for the planet. 

At ANSA Homes we can show you how your new green home will be future proofed in terms of acoustic comfort, thermal comfort, health, sustainability. So not only will you be able to cost-effectively live in comfort, you’ll be contributing to the wellbeing of our planet year after year after year while increasing the sale value of your new home.

Keen to go green?

Talk to ANSA Homes today to find out how we can design your new home to be even more comfortable, cost-efficient, and sustainable. Call us on 1300 757 810 or visit us in person to get started.

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