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Elya has been more than helpful, honest and thoughtful from the moment that we had met him. He is very professional yet allowed us to feel like he was family by the end of each of our meetings… We are grateful for all his services and highly recommend him to anyone who wants to build not just a new house, but a home that reflects all the care and effort he puts into it.


True transparency in pricing

When you choose to build with ANSA Homes, we work hard to ensure you are kept informed throughout the tender process, so you have peace of mind and certainty of the end price. With ANSA Homes, you’ll never get any nasty surprises that unexpectedly push costs beyond your budget.

We are so confident and so thorough in our processes that the price you receive at tender is indeed the final tender price. While other builders may advertise a “fixed price”, at ANSA we talk “end price”. This means no additional costs once site inspections, service locations, soil tests or contour surveys have been done. The only way the price will go up or down is if you add or delete items. The ANSA Homes tender process is all about you, putting you in control – to ensure you get your tender just the way you like it.


Proven approach for building homes

ANSA Homes’ certainty of process delivers complete transparency throughout the building of your new home, from timeline to costs to inspection and construction. When you choose to build with ANSA, you are choosing to be in control.

We have drawn on our wealth of home building experience to design an airtight procedure that delivers certainty of process for our customers. It starts with our end price up front at tender. We take the time at the start of our relationship to get to know the real you on a personal level. We ask questions and intently listen to your responses to understand your unique requirements for your unique home.


Innovative builders with award-winning designs

At ANSA Homes we are focused on creating innovative single storey, double storey, house & granny flat, and narrow block home designs that meet the requirements and desires for how 21st Century Australian families want to live. ANSA Homes’ innovation in home design has been recognised with multiple awards from leading industry bodies including the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association. In fact, the Astaire by ANSA Homes is the first house and granny flat design to win awards from both the MBA and HIA.

We continuously strive for excellence in architectural home designs, and beyond industry recognition, what truly gives us a sense of pride in our work is the increasing number of families trusting ANSA to design and build their dream home that caters to their individual lifestyle.


Consummate & personalised customer service

At ANSA Homes we have specifically built our business to sit in the sweet spot between small and large. Our size enables us to provide highly personalised customer service to every single ANSA Homes client. With ANSA, you are a name, not a number.

We take the time to truly get to know you and how you want to live, in order to envision and design the home you want to live in – just the way you like it. We will never rush you into making decisions; that’s not good for you, nor for us. When you build with ANSA, everyone in our office will know your name and we will always be reachable. Our first priority and first promise to you is consummate customer service.


Local knowledge & proven credentials

Being a local business, ANSA Homes has in-depth knowledge of building in Sydney. Our highly experienced and dedicated team will guide you through every step of the home building journey, providing you with certainty at every step of the way.

We have partnered with the same highly skilled and proven trades and suppliers on every house we have built. Our builders and tradespeople rank among the very best in the business in the area and their expertise is on show in every one of our completed homes. As a proven builder in Sydney, we have display homes on show across two locations in greater Western Sydney, including HomeWorld Box Hill and HomeWorld Elara Marsden Park. Each display home showcases our unique design and building pedigree while exemplifying our certainty of expertise.

Make multi-generational living work with the right home

There’s a strong trend towards multi-generational living, particularly in Sydney and its surrounds, where property prices continue to rise. And it’s happening in a number of different ways, with young people staying at home longer, older generations sharing homes, and people looking for affordable investment opportunities.

Studies indicate that one in five Australians currently live in a multi-generational household, and that trend is on the rise. Once the norm in many households, where the younger generation helps care for the older generation, the custom of multi-generational homes has experienced a downturn in past decades. It seems that what once was old is now new again, and multi-generational living has resurged at a time when the average Australian is struggling the most.

Dr Edgar Liu from UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre and author of Living Together: The Rise of Multigenerational Households in Australian Cities, says research has found that more than half of people living in this arrangement do so due to financial reasons, while others do it for companionship. Social contact allows us to support one another, interact, share experiences and provide help with modern life’s struggles. Having this interaction with others is what builds valuable relationships and gives us a deeper sense of belonging.

The benefits of multi-generational living

  • There are many benefits to multi-generational living, including:
  • Lower living expenses because they are split among more adults.
  • Parents and adult children can co-purchase property that they couldn’t afford on their own.
  • It can be a more cost-effective way to help care for ageing parents.
  • It can help save on childcare costs.
  • It keeps the family connected, close and fosters relationships between the oldest and youngest family members.

These positives notwithstanding, there can be negatives if the actual dwelling isn’t designed specifically for multi-generational living. A house not designed for multi-generational living won’t:

  • Offer the requisite privacy;
  • minimise noise transference;
  • have a sufficient number of facilities (i.e. kitchens and bathrooms) to avoid a clashing of schedules; and
  • have enough space provide independence for the different generations living in the house.

Why separate accommodation is ideal

This is where separate accommodation, such as a granny flat, is ideal. However, not everyone has enough space to build a separate dwelling alongside an existing house.

At ANSA Homes we have a number of unique designs that can be configured to be two homes under one roof, and even three homes under one roof.

With the right design, you can live like a family under one roof while also being able to maintain distance and enjoy privacy. A home can be designed as one dwelling, which saves on building costs, but can have a completely separate granny flat with its own kitchen, bathroom, living area, and one or two bedrooms, plus its own outdoor area and entrance.

The granny flat can then be utilised for younger members of the family who need their space; for older members who have downsized but want to be close to the other family members; or even as an investment. Its use can also change over time depending on your family’s needs.

ANSA Homes has a range of multi-generational living home designs that can be adapted to your needs with a house and granny flat in one. One of these designs (the Astaire) is the first house and granny flat design to win design awards from both the Master Builders Association (MBA) and the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

Knock down rebuild is a great option

There is also the option of knock down rebuild, which means you get to stay in the same neighbourhood but build a brand new home to suit the needs of all your family members.
Established suburbs often have larger blocks of land than the new outer suburbs, which makes them ideal sites for building a large home that will accommodate several generations under one roof. And by pooling the family’s housing costs, a knock down rebuild becomes a very affordable route to multi-generational living.

Why ANSA Homes for your multi-generational home

Southwest Sydney based ANSA Homes is a HIA and MBA award-winning builder specialising in knock down rebuild and house & granny flats. Large enough to have display homes at multiple locations, but small enough that everyone on our team knows your name, ANSA Homes give you certainty. Certainty of price, process, design, and expertise.

Contact us today or drop into one of our display home locations for a confidential discussion about your new home.

ANSA Homes unveils three new display homes at Marsden Park

The ANSA Homes team is excited to announce the opening of our three new display homes at the recently unveiled HomeWorld Elara at Marsden Park in northwest Sydney.

Our three new Marsden Park display homes are some of the first to be completed at Elara Homeworld and we are now welcoming homebuyers to take a tour of the homes.

The designs on display at Marsden Park include:

  • The Arlo: A single-storey, four-bedroom home ideal for a small family or young couple. The Arlo offers plenty of natural light, open plan living, and customisable design options to suit a variety of block sizes and frontages.
  • The Brooklyn: A double-storey, four-bedroom home with the potential for multiple different living zones, making it ideal for a small office at the front of the house or for a multi-generation household.
  • The Sierra: A luxurious double-storey family home with plenty of natural light and two alfresco areas. The Sierra also includes a grand fireplace in the main living area and a mudroom opposite the internal garage door. In keeping with current trends, it also includes a large butler’s pantry and servery-style windows that open up to the alfresco area on two sides.

ANSA Homes is a specialist home builder with unique, award-winning designs, and these new display homes exemplify the build quality of our homes.

Delivering certainty for homebuyers and property investors

ANSA Homes is committed to providing certainty in all aspects of homebuying, from process to expertise, service, design, and price.

We feel very strongly about being transparent with our customers from day one. We also like to educate our potential customers about how to compare apples with apples in order to better understand the process. When you build with ANSA Homes, the price we give you up front is the end price you pay. All site costs and contour survey costs are included in your final price.

Visit ANSA Homes at HomeWorld Elara

The three ANSA display homes can be found on the corner of Chambers and Ellison Streets at HomeWorld Elara in Marsden Park and are open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm. If you can’t make it out to our display homes call us on 1300 757 810 or send us an enquiry.

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