Double Storey Home Designs

Double storey home designs give you greater choice & flexibility to adapt your living needs. Our two storey homes are ideal for higher density areas and narrow frontages. Not everyone wants a stock standard design. Ansa Homes gives you choice for a double story home that reflects your individuality, your lifestyle and comfort needs.

Our double storey home designs are meant to inspire your thinking. Double storey homes are perfect for '2 homes under one roof" - our house & granny flat. We will be uncompromising on the long term interests of your home and your lifestyle.

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Double Storey
home designs

Your 2 Storey House Design

Ansa Homes is totally customer focused and is the benchmark for customised home designs. Your long term satisfaction begins with a design that is welcoming of your creative input and our ability to innovate just for you. Choose from an architect designed double story home or work with us to modify a design to suit your block.

Even a House & Granny Flat option can be modified - under one roof or a separate independent home. Perfect to maximise your investment or for your family.

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